Georgetown Texas Assault And Family Violence Attorney

Allegations of family violence are serious. A 911 call to the police in relation to a domestic assault almost always results in an arrest; and the prosecutor’s office will usually pursue a conviction even if the alleged victim decides they want the case dismissed and don’t want the prosecutor to pursue charges. At the Law Office of Laura B. Barker, we are dedicated to aggressively defending people charged with family violence charges.

Family or Domestic violence charges are enhanceable crimes in Texas. Subsequent offenses can be charged as a felony in Texas with a punishment range of 2-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine can be imposed. In addition, if you have been accused of family violence, a protective order can be issued against you at the time of your arrest.

Ms. Barker is dedicated to aggressively defending people charged with family violence charges and has experience handling all cases involving domestic relationships and/or disturbances. When you hire Ms. Barker she will thoroughly investigate your case in order to protect your rights and freedom

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