Intoxicated Manslaughter Attorney

If a DWI involved a death in Texas the state will bring up intoxicated manslaughter charges, these charges are classified as a 2nd degree felony. Cases of this nature are by far the hardest to deal with. The individual responsible is looking at hefty fines and possible jail times that can last a lifetime. Without the right representation the individual’s chances at winning the case are significantly lowered.

Laura Barker is one of the top attorneys in the state of Texas, her abilities to represent clients involved in DWI cases involving a manslaughter charge help to ensure the best possible outcome for the defendant. Without high quality representation, the defendant runs the risk of losing their freedom. The following penalties may be served to those who are currently facing Intoxicated Manslaughter charges:

  • Fine up to $10,000
  • Prison Sentence from 2 to 20 years
  • Counseling
  • DWI School
  • Community Service
  • Supervised Probation

The state has the final choice on what penalties will be served and how severe they will be. The court can change or alter them dependent on each individual’s criminal history and the specific case at hand. Arrestees with extensive criminal backgrounds or previous DWI’s will be served longer sentences in jail.

Why Laura Barker?

Laura is looked upon as one of the premier attorneys in the state of Texas and most desired to work with. Her years of quality representation and service have given her one of the most extensive backgrounds. Her background provides her with the knowledge needed to handle cases of all levels of severity. When you hire Laura as your legal counsel you can count on the following benefits:

High quality representation from an exceptional attorney

Advice and care from an attorney with a high win ratio

Top of the line assistance with every part of your case

Focused and determined work towards a win

An unequaled tenacity for bringing in the best possible results with every case

You can speak with Laura directly by phone or online. If someone you know or love needs representation for a DWI or Intoxicated Manslaughter case in the Georgetown area, Laura is the right choice for you.